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The Email Newsletter and List Building Club

Build an Email List That Cultivates Customers

The Email Newsletter and List Building Club

Here are a few things we will cover in the club:

The Design of an

How to use an e-newsletter as a primary method to communicate, provide value, and engage with your audience. 

We will cover newsletter structure, topics, and how to create a content/promotional calendar. 

Essentially you will learn how, what and when to write. 

Other Types of Emails to Engage Your List

There are other types of emails you will need to engage your list, such as promotional emails, welcome emails, etc. 

As the club evolves, we will discuss different types of emails, when to use them and why.

Ways to Generate Revenue with Your List

How to generate revenue with your email newsletter, plus discuss other types of emails that you can send. 

There are 11 different ways to generate revenue from your list. We will cover each one in-depth.

Building Your Email List

How to build your email list and add new subscribers each day. What we focus on grows. 

I will share specific strategies on how to increase the size of your email list. We will cover free and paid methods to build your list. 

Plus, I will share how to track the growth of your list to ensure you are adding new subscribers.

Monthly Q&A Session

Each month, there will be a Q&A session, so everyone's questions get answered.

Topics That Members Request

As the club grows, we will cover more topics that members request.

The Purpose of the Email Newsletter and List Building Club

The club's purpose is to help members build an engaged email list. As the community grows, we can collaborate, cross-promote, and grow our lists. 

The Email Newsletter and List Building Club Waitlist

Build an Email List That Cultivates Customers

Every time I walk away from our meetings my appreciation for Charles grows.

His vision of the migration path from Suspect to Prospect to Customer to Loyal Customer to Advocate and his direct marketing knowledge of how to build an automated system to realize the project inspires my continued confidence.

He is one of my heroes and a role model, as well.

Unlike his painting over his desk of a tiger; I see him as a lion. I’m proud to be a member of his pride.

Gayle Turner

President, StoryTellers Channel

Before I met Charles, I was floundering in trying to market my books. But I’m not floundering anymore. Charles has changed how I see marketing.

What’s amazing is that every week when we meet is like Shark Tank. Charles is a real-life shark to me and having him on my team, I’ve seen how not only my business has grown, but also how I approach it.

He’s helped me find my audience, grow my list, and shift my paradigm from one close to giving up to one that is excited about the future.

Charles has skills that change lives!

Thanks, Charles for believing in me!

USA Today Bestselling Author

Tina Glasneck

USA Today and Amazon Best Selling Author

I have known Charles for almost two decades now. 

My relationship with him has changed over the past 19 years.

Our relationship began as his college professor, academic advisor, and mentor.

However, over the years, I began to tap Charles’ great energy and expertise in digital, social, text, and mobile marketing. He is on the cutting edge!

He provided valuable contributions to my textbook Direct, Digital and Data-Driven Marketing.

To put it bluntly, Charles knows his stuff and has what it takes to get the job done, and done well.

I could go on and on about Charles. I could address his work ethic, communication skills, self-motivation, time management skills, etc.

Dr. Lisa Spiller

Distinguished Professor of Marketing, Christopher Newport University

The Email Newsletter and List Building Club Waitlist

Build an Email List That Cultivates Customers

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The Email Newsletter and List Building Club

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